Tuesday, 29 September 2009

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I was there too!!!

The “Then” blog. For details see entry for March 7th 2009. In brief the restoration of Claonairigh House.
Friday 18th 1992 (Garret) Nice weather, bit drizzle/sunny ints. Midges evening.
G, p and R started fitting new roof got ridge and spars and one hip out and fitted and wall plate fitted. Went to George for evening meal...lovely evening weather-wise. Harcross delivered floor joists and zinc ridge.
Sat 19th
Cloudy light intermittent rain
G, P and R cut and fitted last hip, Russ, Gail and Linda went home 11.00am ish. G and P cut and fitted 60% of jacks to hips.
Sunday 20th
Nice-Rainy-Nice A few midges lots of wasps
Finished fitting jacks cemented around the wall plate fitted sarking board to one section fitted gutter brackets.
Monday 21st
Beautiful day no midges lots of wasps
Fitted sarking felt to all of roof since sarking board will not be ready until Friday week. Went to Lhead to collect roofing laths. Opened bottom gateway. Fitted gutter
Tuesday 22nd
Nice day, a few midges and wasps.
Dug driveway wider round house. Prepared space for 2,500 slates. Strimmed grass etc at bottom gateway. Dug and concreted gate posts. Slates arrived 15.00hrs. Cost £1,100. Felspeed makes converts start setting in mixer!
Weds 23rd
Lovely day. Midges hungry 18.30 onwards
Fitted gate to bottom gateway, dug bottom gateway. Repaired Leany’s walk gate and fitted fencing and made stile.
Thursday 24th sept
Rainy (light) all day..No midges!!
Removed old floor joists in our bedroom and fitted new 8”x2” joists 6 in total done, 5 left. Fee arrived around 2200 after being booked for speeding in Dumbarton 56mph in a 40mph limit (such is life!) She just couldn’t wait to see me. After 2 months of living together things a little strained between G and P
Friday 25th September (Fee)
1x short sharp shower then bright skies. No midges
Fee wrote research critique for work. G and P removed remaining 5 old joists transforming them into firewood. Fee and Tess went to Inveraray for bread and a walk in the Duke of Argyll’s back garden. Peter left to surprise Linda for a long w/e at about 5.30pm. Fee tidied caravan. Went deer hunting with Tess but saw nothing. Returned to caravan for chicken pasta bake and elderflower champagne. The toast? Claonairigh House of course!!
Sat 26th September Cloudy but dry until evening,no midges
Lazy day. Not up until late. Enjoying the unaccustomed luxury of a double bed in the warm 9usually in the awning). F went to Lgilphead to get essentials...lemonade, biscuits, books etc! Found several references to Douglas water in fishing books including one from “salmon fishing” Which extols the virtues of the deep pool below the bridge. Garret continued to pull the lathe and plaster from the library walls with a short break for sandwiches and a bit of day-dreaming about maple flooring etc. F and t went for a walk along Douglas water. Spectacular view on the return of autumn trees with Claonairigh Smoke drifting above. Baked potatoes for supper- microwave installed in awning. G gone for much needed shower at caravan park. P reached home okay. Priced up Victorian suite incl gold taps £1,090 (and that’s half price!)
Sunday 27th sept
Wet during the night. Typical autumn day misty and moist
G obtained three old feed containers- heavy pot from the old cottages for future use. Generally cleaning rubble from house esp. lounge. Saw x2 young eagles wheeling above the house and making off over the forest (with hindsight prob buzzards 2009). T and f went for a very wet walk along river through the forest. Tess surprised some folk interested in the bridge on the way back...How dare they stand on her bridge! Rang Liz for advice re cooking Yorkshire pudds (my first ever) in a gas oven with only two settings...high or low.
Monday 28th (Garret)
Misty Morn, typical autumn day, lovely. No midges
Fee went home 9am with Tess (Sob, Sob). Home safely 4 ½ hrs later. G started fitting remaining joists.
Tuesday 29th
Fine day, light rain 7pm onwards. No midges
G finished floor joists, cemented all up and cleaned. Dad arrived 9pm...6hrs and a seized front brake.

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