Saturday, 3 March 2007

Frisky,Crispy Ducks

As I have noted before spring seems to have arrived here but nowhere more obviously than amongst the Corner domestic fowls (no jokes please). Here is the spicy bit, the geese and ducks have entered Planet Bonk big time and are very averse to being locked up at night. This is fair enough when one is a heavyweight goose with a hiss that puts fear into, well, into me and Lucy….actually, not into me but definatly into Lucy but when one masquerades around the field as a tasty fox fast food crispy duck type snack it is a little foolish to be reluctant at locking up time. Tonight as I slid around in the very, very nearly dark trying to herd the virtually invisible ducks (hens are far too sensible and go off to roost at a respectably early hour) into their pens I reflected upon this stupidity and was very tempted to let them take their chances. Picture the scene, if you can, there I am stumbling over tree roots and mud-sliding towards the stream (and twice into it) as they are flapping and protesting around the place about unfair herding rights. Obviously most of the mud in the field adheres to the bottom of my boots so shortly I am stomping around with large, no, make that huge wads of the stuff under each foot, increasing the weight and size of my boots by threefold. Eventually with a sort of shambling, sliding frankenstein-like gait I get them into the pens only to find the goats shamelessly raiding the bird food from the old freezer that we keep it in. After dragging Poppy off I leave the field happy in the knowledge that all are safely away for the night aka The Good Life and skip happily (despite the dragging weight of my boots) homeward bound whistling a happy tune…only to have to slink back to double check that I have actually closed the old freezer in case of rain drenching the food even though I KNOW that I have definatly shut it five minutes earlier…ahhh the ravages of declining memory. On the up side I have painted the dining room and the walls up the stairs this week. The former was completed approximately 10 minutes before some guests (nice folk from Australia:-Claudette and Cameron) drove in. The pictures had just been rehung on still damp walls and the smell was tangibly hanging in the air but all went well, mainly because neither of them thought to casually lean against the walls whilst having their tea and scones. There’s a book in there somewhere.

2nd Memo to self...(see First post) NEVER,NEVER wash white Karate suits with orange karate belts...result attractive but apparently immovable tie died yellow stains on the karate suits that does not really add to the traditional image. Any tips gratefully recieved. Tried so far in order of application
· Stain remover of several types
· Fairy liquid
· 40’wash
· soak in thin bleach
· more fairy liquid
· 95’wash
· thick industrial strength bleach (what did I have to lose?)
· more washing in desperation
On the up side orange belts totally undamaged.....

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