Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Breakfasts,Birthdays and Buttocks

A truly beautiful day here in Argyll, wall to wall blue skies and sunshine. The dogs are out doing that relaxing in the sun thing that only they can do. An upbeat kinda day. We had great guests, a German couple and a chap from Islay fast approaching his 80th year (it’s okay to say I think as he told us all at breakfast time) who was on his way back to the Island after a day in Glasgow when he stumbled across us. Having set off from home at 2am he was shattered by the time he reached here. I think he went to bed at 8pm and we never heard another thing. With Howard and Myrna, our winter regulars making up the table it was very pleasant although a little sad. With the end of winter now over we have had to give our horses back and we will not see quite so much of them over the next few months.The Germans especially pleased Toby by ordering rolls to go with their continental (includes Hot cross Buns as an Easter Special!),if I make a batch for guests the children get them too. This was especially apt as it is Garrets birthday today and he was forced from his bed at 7.30 to enjoy a lovely family breakfast...such a treat on one's special day.
After the guests had gone I went to visit pal Liz for her professional, physiotherapists opinion on the strained tendon at the top of my leg, which is preventing any running. This is making me very grumpy and as she is my running partner I shamelessly employed emotional blackmail by pointing out that it is her interests to get me back to running health. After diagnosising (I will draw a veil over the undignified diagnostic procedure itself, suffice to say that had the postman passed by Liz’s kitchen window at the right/wrong moment he would have seen more of me than he bargained for) a lack of muscle in my right lower back (knew about that) and right buttock (didn’t know about that one, I have obviously concealed this by subconsciously but cleverly laying down layers of fat to match it up to the other side) she has given me exercises to do. A life without running..Urghhh AND Lucy is putting on weight as fast as I am!

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