Thursday, 5 April 2007

"Old Wine and friends improve with age"(Italian proverb)

Well, we did not get a chance to test out that theory relating to the wine this weekend as there was no danger of any of it aging beyond the time it arrived in the house but it was fantastic to see old friends again (and to make new ones) with The Quinns up to visit from Leeds. I worked with Wendy many years ago on the ICU at St James’s in Leeds and although she was not here it was very special to have time with her three gorgeous girls and their Dad, Peter and his son Harrison. Into the equation came a friend of Peter’s and his son and daughter (the oh so very cute and gorgeous Hannah) plus a pal of the Quinn girls too. The weekend lurched from one activity to another as we entertained and fed a huge quantity of folk and, as suggested above drank vat fulls of wine. Amy had a horse jumping lesson with Dilla (Argyll Adventure) and enjoyed it immensely. Every one was tempted onto something at the outdoors games (also A.Adventure) despite the teenage hormonal issues that were evidently surging through everyone between the ages of 11 and 14 in several ways. The weather was just fantastic and the highlight of the stay was a trip to the Seafari off Easdale Island on Monday. I missed out (well, someone has to make the beds) but apparently it was great. Because Toby went we have pictures, we are so rubbish at
1) Remembering camera
2) Actually taking pictures
3) Downloading results.
There was also a trip to the beach to enthusiastically collect mussels and limpets (there was a slight detour to see a dead fox but that is another story) for tea which Amy then spent an hour cleaning. Predictably only Toby, our resident survival expert (does anything for a dare!) tried them along with the Army ration packs that were on offer for tea that night (cooked on army stoves in the garden, Peter is ex TA and so has endless sources of such fascinating products).They all departed Tuesday lunchtime leaving a quiet house and the need to book into a detox centre for the rest of the week.

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