Friday, 23 February 2007

Fit to drop

Anyone passing through Lochgilphead on Wednesday evening between 7.45-8pm would have been surprised or possibly deeply concerned to see a mixed group of men and women trolling up and down the pavement towards Ardrisaig, with eyes rolling back in their sockets and chests heaving and wheezing we alternately sprinted and slow jogged backwards and forwards along a 300metres stretch. What a fine sight to see the moderately fit being pushed right up to and way beyond their idea of a good night out. The more masochistic members of the group decided to extend the torture, because, well I am not too sure of the because, and we ran on down towards Ardrisaig for a while before heading back to contaminate the swimming pool with our sweaty bodies. That was Wednesday, Thursday I dragged along in Liz’s wake on a 6.5k run contemplating either staging an injury to get sympathy or just murdering her for being so perky and then hiding her body out in the woods. In the end I did neither but definitely trailed in last with legs protesting every step. Needless to say I then went riding and compounded the aching considerably. Only hope that Donald, my osteopath that I went to see Wednesday morning does not read this after advising no exercise until Friday apart from some gentle swimming….perhaps I misheard and it was ANY exercise as long as there is some gentle swimming (too) so that’s okay. Busy weekend ahead with the trec competition on Sunday (Garret and Toby upholding the pride of Claonairigh for us there), the girls will be thinking Brownies on Sunday in Furnace and tomorrow we are going to Lismore to look at a pup for Mum. Watch this space!

PS Garret has read (finally) the past blogs and feels that there should be a sincere, fine (sorry) apology to all the many businesses out there with Fyne in the titles so here goes…..ummmm sorry.
PPS As penance I will spice it up a bit (Reece).....Maybe..

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