Saturday, 17 February 2007

Spring has sprung in Mid Argyll

A beautiful, soft spring day here which has bought all the good,kind folk willing to pay for a bed to lay their weary heads on scurrying up here for a bit of peace, quiet and great scenery. Very welcome they are too! We spent the first day of the ½ term break with Lewis, and two of his friends. Toby did a bit of bareback on the-oh- so comfy Barra, which he greatly enjoyed…Toby did, I mean, not too sure on Barra’s thoughts actually. More of a sort of ambling, friendly acceptance than actual enjoyment. In order to get payback for having had time and attention lavished on them in this way we were off to Oban yesterday to shop, shop and shop. Garret, his faithful trolley (ies) and Lidl are not a fate to be wished on any tender offspring so we went book cruising whilst Garret indulged. An hour or so later after a pannini or two we crammed the children into the very small space left free of Lidl bags and headed for home. Garret and I managed to get a ride out together last Monday which is a first this winter. I thoroughly enjoyed the togetherness of laughing hysterically whilst a truculent Lewis ploughed Garret again and again through the afore mentioned (see Trec…Working for every horse and rider) branches whilst they had a lengthy discussion about cantering right round the outdoor ring. We then went for an amble to allow them both to stop steaming vigorously. We made our way down to the shore so that Garret and Lewis could complete the chilling off process by falling in a big hole concealed by the incoming tide, more chuckling was heard!
Today is a chill out day, I was supposed to be polishing my floor with my new polisher (got one!) but someone who thought they had polish did not have so shall have to postpone that exciting task to another day…I know you are jealous of the thrills and spills of my life but we cannot all be this to a golden Wedding tonight. Congratulations Duncan and Phyllis.

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