Monday, 31 October 2011

What a weekend!

Monday morning again and the weekend has sped by on roller skates. A Monster Mash at Naomi's on Friday night where a huge quantity of sausages were consumed (Nine by one person), games were played and laughter flowed. Up bright and early for guests and Toby's birthday. The guests appeared on cue for a full cooked and home made rolls but Toby was a little later.....Into posh frock and heels at 5pm for the trip to Glasgow for the Scottish Athletic and jogscotland Awards evening. This was at the oh so posh Marriott hotel in Glasgow hence the 5pm start. Initial nerves at attending a function where we knew no one was initially soothed by free bubbles and then some charming dinner guests including the manager of jogscotand himself Alistair Currie. The invitation had specified that I had been asked as a guest of honour to recognise my role with inveraray jogscotand this year. Being a trusting and self effacing kind of girl I believed this not questioning why i should be seated at a very good table etc. Good food and great comparing by Rhona McLeod followed with awards galore to the fast, the good and the downright committed of Scottish sport at every level. Jogscotland awards came after a fantastic talk by The Guest of Honour Roger Black. Jog Leader Award, Community group, Work place and Achiever of the Year Award rolled out and were duly collected, inspected and appreciated. then came The Inspirational Award with some very nice things said about some woman from Inveraray who got an award for doing what she loves...chatting and running. Received from Roger Black and definitely the Highlight of the Year. Rest of the weekend was okay out on Sunday missing the rain with Liz, Matt, Garret and Naomi.


KatyDidStitches said...

Congratulations, Fee!

You look wonderful, by the way.


Fee said...

Thanks Kathy..I had a fabulous night, 2011 turning out to have some spectacular highs!!