Thursday, 27 October 2011

Blogging by iPad

Exciting times as blogging becomes still more portable. The iPad arrived just in time to accompany us on holiday, Toby's jealously guarded machine never leaves his side, nor apparently has a silent mode. For accessing e mails and the all important Facebook it was invaluable. Portugal:- (we were in The Algave and on the glorious western coast) where the fish is fantastic, the waves are big, the weather fabulous and Toby can get the drinks in at the bar. One day he may even pay for them too. The contrast with Scotland works both ways,the dry heat and very different landscape is wonderful to visit but despite the rain home is good too. Guests keep on filtering through Claonairigh, a deerstalker here, a touring couple there and hopefully soon the odd horse rider too. What more news? Ah yes we have piglets and I shall try to get photos tomorrow, alas I cannot yet access other apple products/ documents/ photos through my " cloud" - how apple savy am I- because we share an apple account with Toby. The piglets are a remarkable and bright set of porcine youngsters and have set up house in the barn (stronger than straw, sticks AND bricks) unaided adopting a large plastic feed sack as the ideal inner sanctum. Enter the barn and peek in the sack to see several piggy bottoms pointing outwards. Obviously if you cannot see approaching monsters they are simply not there... Even if they scratch your bottom. Well my Oompa loompa ( a 6'2" tall son) is now home from the school halloween disco and washing off orange paint in the bathroom and so my day draws to an end. The legs are weary from
many a run this week, on Tuesday 8 even did two but that is another story entirely.

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