Thursday, 18 February 2010

A week of skiing and running

Half term has been and gone in a blur of running and skiing with a little bit of horse riding thrown in on Sunday. we have had three fabulous days at Glencoe en famille and then a fabulous FABULOUS day today. The weather was perfection and the snow unbelievable, the best we have seen. Collectively we have had many adventures and passing of personal goals over the week with Rosie descending Mugs alley confidently with a smile and Freya coming down the Main Basin and Etive Glades. Toby and Garret made it onto the spring run several times and as for me...despite falling off it again I managed to over come (to some extent) the Terror of the T-bar Tow....urghhh!
The running included an 8.33 or so mile loop including a trip up dun na cuiche, a 3 miles up the same and two training runs of 3 miles and 4.2 respectively with our two jogging groups.

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