Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Thankful for my blessings

Note to self...remember to count blessings occasionally. Can't reveal why this is in my heart tonight here but someone close is having a tough time at work and I feel for her.Choices, decisions and choices. The worst that happened to me today was buying a card at the supermarket, getting it home (70 mile or so drive) and finding in very very tiny letters on the cellophane " Don't forget your envelope" Well..... I DID!! So the house needs hoovering and I need to do some stuff but life could be so much more stressful...So onto tonight's run at jogscotland inveraray. Cracking turn out with 12 of us doing the winter mile trial and frightening the local residents strolling their way to and from the pub. Toby breezed it in 6.30..admittedly a slow time but when one has to negotiate a 180' turn and various hazards such as tourists, road works on the pavement (pavement works then I suppose),the bus queue, entrances to car parks and small boys running alongside a little leeway is allowed! I was slower than last time in 7.22 but I am sure that someone has made the Main street steeper since November.

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