Thursday, 4 February 2010

Queen of Procrastination..

One little button...I just have to sew on one little button onto one big shirt but as this involves going and rooting through all the very many (and I mean many) buttons inherited from Garret's grandma, tracking down some thread, finding a needle (even if not in a haystack they can be damnably difficult to pin (hahaha) down) and then actually bringing those items together in a happy conclusion I have put it off for the hundredth time today and have come for some quality computer time. Despite the whole country suffering many white outs this year (and back of the last one) we have remained relatively snow free if not frost free. So, unlike everyone else in the UK we remained sentimental and pleased to see the soft white flakes floating ground-wards late yesterday afternoon. My decision to go 25 miles down the road to jogscotland was short-lived as the foolishness of the risks involved or merely the worry became apparent 4 miles from home after traversing one of the highest parts of the route so no running club.I rectified the lack of exercise (My guilt ridden personality is so wasted on the Church of England) today by going along the mainly still snowy tracks along the shore for what I in my oxygen depleted state thought was 5 miles but turned out to be 4.75 (it really does) and then back again. This took me an awful long time as I still have very many residual aches and pains from "boot camp" on Monday. I was ambling along with ever more freezing hands and feet when a thought drifted into my fluffy brain about ebay...this happens I am sure to us all but the gist was that Garret had asked me to bid on some skis for Toby at 1.20 and so in order to ensure I did this I had better jolly well get a move on!

There are three post scripts to this tale.

1. Garret was still at home when I puffed up short of breath and weary of leg.
2. I could have bid from my iphone which has an ebay app and was in my pocket
3. They went for way more than our top limit bid anyway....

Well, time to do the animals, wonder if I should go out the front way to avoid the shirt lying accusingly over a kitchen chair.....

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