Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snow Times

Finally the snow arrives in Argyll. Preceded by frosty days and frostier nights we woke this morning (some of us earlier than others...) to a couple of inches of the soft stuff. Initial childlike euphoria at putting down those all important first footprints was tempered slightly when I realised that the frost and ice was still there only now hidden under a lot of white stuff. This is Toby approximately 20 seconds after he stumbled to the bedroom window expecting another non event in the daily snow check. Pretty and seasonal though it all is it will be better once we have Mum, Pip, the turkey, the ham and the presents up here with us. Plans to drive are being abandoned as I type in a very sensible decision not to travel a very large stretch of the length of Britain in our snowiest week so far. We are so rubbish at snow in this country that she would probably arrive round about January 3rd triumphantly clutching the turkey....We would be happy for her to abandon the turkey at home in the freezer ditto the ham (but not the dog) as the thought of that combination of travelling companions on the UK railway system is a bit boggling (Have you heard the one about the ham, the turkey and the dog?.....). However Nigel is chief Mum organiser in residence at present and I am sure will juggle everything nicely. Howard and Myrna are also travelling at the moment but in the other direction down to Doncaster braving the infamous A66, however we gave them (or was it lent?.....) a bar of chocolate, a bottle of water and one banana and so can surely survive anything! We know how to do survival packs.

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