Thursday, 3 December 2009

Round up and panic, panic!!

The weekend at Centre Parcs surrounded by floods seems now a distant but happy memory! In true Corner style we cycled, swam, badminton-ed and tennis-ed the weekend away lubricated by just a wee bit of wine and fuelled by more than a wee bit of food. It was great sharing it all with Liz who joined in wholeheartedly, well she had no choice really. There was a dodgy moment as she and I both simultaneously tried to find a valid and unique excuse for ducking out of the Laser Conquest...this desire to wimp out lasted until the first round was shot and then we were off and at 'em...Sisters against the world...well, the green team anyway! The weather was fine considering the devastation going on around us. No pictures at present as my iphone seems to not want to give up the pictures so if anyone can help get in touch!
As always December is looking as though it is going to flash past at the speed of a Christmas fairy light. This weekend inveraray jogscotland has its inaugural Jingle Bells run on the Castle grounds. A choice of laps from one mile, two or three miles. There WILL be photos this time! I am therefore trying to juggle all the details in my head and occasionally something falls out (of my head) and so we will be lucky if all goes well...or indeed to get any meals between then and now...

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