Thursday, 17 December 2009

New blog!

Just finished creating a new blog for the running group in Inveraray. I shall just have to wait and see now if anyone else is geeky enough to want to look at it! As always your feedback whoever you may be is appreciated.....not had any comments for a while!
Just lulling around here in the pre Christmas week with few vague things lurking around left to do but not too many. From past experience this means that I won't rush around getting those things done and will suddenly remember them round about next Thursday night. Trips down to Lochgilphead this week number three in as many days, twice for me and once for Garret. Garret's involved taking a Lucy dog to the vet in a worry over a lump on her tummy that turned out to be FAT!! £21 later and immediately into a 4 mile run for the fat dog! One of my trips was to take Toby to fracture clinic where the consultant has cast doubt on the scaphoid break. The plan is to keep the (frankly, by now smelly) cast on another week and then re x-ray. Just to stop him losing credibility he does have a crack to the radius. This will throw me into the chaos that is Tesco on the 23rd December so wish me well.

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