Friday, 14 September 2007

A weekend in Aberfeldy

Time for a very quick blogette. Well, the stomach is churning good and proper and I am light headed with nerves. No, not another run/triathlon as such but a ladies only training weekend in Aberfeldy with Lizzie and some others from the Lochgilphead area. There is a very comprehensive programme including a decathlon competition. The list of events for this include something called the plank push up…hmmm no thanks, another one for the old heave ho by me is the “Corkscrew”. This, apparently is when you swim doing one stroke of front crawl and then one of back crawl. I practised this particular torture during the week. Apart from swallowing almost the entire contents of the pool I finished the length (and this is in a 15m diddy pool) in a state of semi collapse. All those carefully balanced systems that we posses as a result of careful and thoughtful evolution by our ancestors do not like being spun round and squeezed like a dish cloth and registered this dislike by attempting to force the contents of my stomach through my mouth and nose. Being a lady I did not give in and merely lay comatose for a while whilst being observed not very surreptitiously by a family also using the leisure centre facilities. To be honest I think that they thought I was a bit disturbed…….Perhaps one event I could suggest for next year is how well you cope with the emotional blackmail laid on one by the offspring when they say goodbye. My girls (Toby is still at school)hung out of the car windows arms outstretched and pleading shouting “Don’t go Mum, Don’t go” in the time honoured way that children have of punishing their parents for daring to have a life. They are now teaching Dad how to give swimming lessons. I just hope that Liz will be here before they get back or I may weaken and send Garret in my place.

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