Saturday, 29 September 2007

“All of us are guinea pigs in the laboratory of God. Humanity is just a work in progress.” Tennessee Williams...... I like this idea

Today, a day of quiet contemplation and inward reflection….
As if! Kicked off with Pony Club (after administering emergency First Aid to Snuffles the guinea pig who had apparently gone AWOL but was found to have slipped into a box and was upside down considerably shocked…this shock was then intensified by the rescue party who had to be calmed down….alot. After she had recovered, had a drink and restorative piece of carrot, and was restored to her pals Snowy Bunny and Daisy Guinea Pig, I had to self administer my inhaler to offset the ominous chest tightening that is my usual response to Guinea Pigs. Rosie had given me Piriton in the throes of the triage situation, some of which now is contributing to Snuffles’ new spiky sticky hair style). After lunch Rosie and I went for a little run and learnt what our legs feel like running up a small incline whilst the rest went cycling. This was somewhat short lived as Garret got a puncture….well, his bike did and they had to return. Now Toby and Garret have gone to play tennis (Toby is convinced that the new lightweight racquet that we bought him will lead to a slaughtering of the Pater Familias) and the girls are designing posters for a competition to advertise Seafood Week at the Oyster Bar.

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