Thursday, 28 February 2013

Walking the dogs and enjoying the day.

A walk up Dun Na Cuiche today to check out the route for our annual run up the hill and back on May 12th...Gorgeous day and the dogs were VERY happy, especially when they found some deer remains to roll in.  We met several folk doing the same trip and a very friendly hungarian dog-loving girl at the top whom Nancy and Holly immediately adopted. The rest of the day was spent in silent battle with the various sites I have paid good money to in an attempt to get them to cough up a copy of the GPS maps I have at one time or another, including today recorded that I can copy to a file but sadly the mean old sites won and I had to give it up and go cook soufflĂ© to calm down. The weather has been so wonderful recently that I have decided this is the way it is going to stay... A friend and I had a lovely drive to Loch Lomond-side yesterday to a Spa for a mud treatment. Despite having to stifle many giggles during the explanation of the (self) mud application, subsequent steam infusion and rain shower (warm shower) we had a great time pretending to be rich and idle....

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