Monday, 16 April 2012

Post Easter Bun Run

A lovely sunny but chilly Argyll day was perfect for our running group's annual Easter run. I planned three routes to suit all tastes, a fairly flat ( well, it is Argyll so nowhere is completely flat!) three miles or four along the Lochside or a more challenging ie officially hilly 5.5 through the woods with fantastic views to be appreciated through sweat fuzzed eyes. With twenty runners we had a great time and in contrast to the popular view that all youngsters are voluntarily shackled to a playstation from birth onwards we had a pleasing turnout from the younger generation. Soup and cake followed in time honoured fashion because calories consumed after exercise don't count... Just like those taken from someone else's plate. School was back today so home alone, apart from Garret, oh and Toby too as apparently sixth years have a more flexible attitude towards attendance, so in fact not home alone at all.


Rainer said...

Hi Fee,

looks a bit like somebody is searching for easter eggs ;-).


Fee said...

well...they didnt find any!!x