Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mountain biking......ish

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As running is mainly denied me at the moment I hijacked Freya's bike (so much better than mine) and went off on a standard circuit from the house but.....got side tracked , probably the first time I have used the phrase completely correctly.... by interesting little tracks off the main one that I have not yet explored, a promising one proved to be unfit for bike access and so I pushed...well, it all counts as exercise although my average minutes per mile look as though I carried the bike all the way round. Traversing several icy streams seemed exciting at the time,the runners brain knows that feet pounding the tracks will soon warm up whatever they are dunked in but just rotating on the pedals does not do the same job so I bought the two blocks of ice home and dunked them in a warm bath. Other exciting things to happen today...coal delivery, we were down to four lumps so this was pretty eventful and...well I can't think of any but always live in hope,it is only 3.30pm.

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