Sunday, 26 February 2012

Full weekend

Busy weekend chez Claonairigh with the deerstalkers ( not just any deerstalkers but John the first one to stay and bring us much business and of whom I am very fond) doing a two night stretch and some returnees Friday night. Saturday night saw a change in the double with a couple who legged it from Inveraray. Freya and I collected a takeaway for them to save them a walk back into town. We were on our way back from the athletics final in Oban ( my tenth year I think). She did gooooood winning the 4 lap, and then coming second in her age group. Proud mummy moment. Revision day today for Rosie and Toby. I am proud to say that I managed to explain integral differentiation to Toby. Well, I was the tool that pointed him in the right direction of U- Tube tutorials and you you can't say better than that.The photo is tea... Lovely scallops from Aray Fish.. Or our neighbors as we like to call them, flamed in dramduie. Yum!!

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