Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lazy Sunday?

Not in this house! Having set the alarm on my trusty phone I woke at 8:30, half an hour late as I had switched off the sound. Playing catch up all the way I managed to get out of the door at 9:30 having consumed pre run breakfast. Only Rosie was up to see departure and to hear worries about clothing issues. All the preparation was for a run out with an ultra marathon running friend who is suffering low mojo the same as I am. We met at Kilmory, Lochgilphead for a sunny, rainy, hailey hill run and a damn good chat!! In fact such a good chat that we totally missed a turn on the way back and did a good two-three miles further than intended but in the language of teenagedom.... Whoop whoop eleven miles!! Been a while since I have done that distance. So a happy Fee! Was only twenty minutes late to collect Freya from her sleeps over..... Oops.

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