Saturday, 18 June 2011

A very proud moment indeed

What an amazingly bunch of people I met yesterday...volunteers from all over Argyll and Bute were recognised yesterday by the council from youngsters to the more mature in all realms of support and giving.The lunch was pretty good too!! I was lucky enough to be nominated by my lovely jogscotland girls for the Sports Volunteer of the Year and was so very proud and not a little emotional to receive it despite the disgusting picture cribbed from Facebook and then some how squashed by the computer to portray a very pained looking squat fee at the end of the Dun na Quaiche run. Mind you I felt like I lost inches on that particular challenge!....Here's the pics!

Back down to earth in the evening with Toby off to help at the high school formal and Freya to karate. Rosie was all done with her packing for Norway and plugged into Harry Potter 7 by mid evening. She was up and about at 5.45 ready for a 6.30 pick up. I also was awake as the cockerel that I obviously failed to lock up last night was proclaiming his delight in the new day by 5.30. Will do better next time!

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KatyDidStitches said...

Congratulations, Fee! Well-deserved...and you look lovely!