Friday, 24 June 2011

Despite a rather disjointed time in the poly tunnel  this year(Lets not mention the mayhem a stormy couple of days wreaked on the outside patch...only the potatoes survive...) we have managed get our best ever harvest of strawberries...they enjoy the new system introduced last year of being suspended above the main beds in drainage pipes allowing the growing fruit to dangle free of the soil and damp. In a different kind of hothouse last night (the amazingly stuffy school hall) we watched Toby receive his deputy head boy badge and Freya certificates in Geography and History. Rosie, frolicking in the land of the Nordic people missed out on collecting her Chemistry prize but we applauded her dutifully anyway. She returns tomorrow, the incidence of texts revealing the level of home sickness...i.e. lots to start off with, then a lull and then an increase today when she remembered about us again. I have mucked out her's and Freya's room (Freya sleeping over in the wilds of Tayviallich tonight) so there is every chance that they both keel over in shock and horror tomorrow at being able to see the floor. Running continues at my new steadier pace with the beginners group keeping me going again this week, we had a great run out on Tuesday too....but soooooo wet!

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