Sunday, 15 May 2011

Trial by running

Well....determined today to try to do the distance required by the next sponsored run so struggled out with faithful companions Ginny, Molly and Liz. Poor Lucy is off the running lists for present with a horrid bladder infection requiring surgery and strong antibiotics on Thursday . Heavy, close drizzly weather did not help and the legs felt underpowered and tired. Out for a three plus mile run and then back to find it was longer on the way out than on the way back...cannot quite figure that one so a painful run on past the house and on for a seemingly unending .4 of a mile! Got to get these things right! Ginny and Molly happy to be out and about. My legs are not too bad right now but we shall see come morning. I cannot think that they will ache too much as I could not get them to go fast enough to constitute any residual stiffness. Still, I covered the required distance and that is what matters...I think! On the plus side lovely lemon sole for tea which I have never cooked before. Into the oven (hot) with lemon juice for 6 minutes and served with roasted veggies...Lovely! Three guests in tonight, a French couple (she is treating him to a few days away) and Nora from the stables's Dad who has now been here for 6 days and is quite part of the family!

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