Thursday, 20 August 2009

I am still in the slightly unreal, un-anchored state that I usually assume when the children head back to school...I have sort of got used to having them around. Yesterday I did not really notice too much as I shot off to the Osteopath halfway through breakfasts, I did actually leave Garret to finish off rather than leave the poor couple with forks at the ready wondering what was going on. I battered my way through torrentially impressive rain to Helensborough for a bone crunching time and an amazing correction of a displaced thingy (a well known medical term, e mail me if I am too technical for you) round about my knee cap leading to tight hamstrings. he is the magic man!! Onwards to TK Max for me to not purchase any new sheets and to be generally very disappointed. I then hit Primark and had a hugely interesting time earwigging to other peoples conversations. It is a close fought competition between the mother and daughter flipping effortlessly between English and some other language mid sentence giving me tantalising glimpses into the conversation and a couple of women swapping tips on how to sneak out to meet a paramour (!) of a night without ones partner getting wind of it...apparently tonging or straightening your hair is a dead give-away "men notice these things"....... After I had been released from custody on the charge of stalking I made my way back through the rain to little old Inveraray. As life swings back into its normal term-time routine I was back at jogscotland mid-argyll for a 5 miler along the canal bank and some catch up gossip, then home for a wee glass of red and the breakfasts to sort.

The “Then” blog. For details see entry for March 7th 2009. In brief the restoration of Claonairigh House
Sunday 16th August
(Garret) Rain/sun intervals a few midges in the shade
Opened up dining room fireplace, removed rubbish and rubble from Kitchen and the dining room. Found old spit mounting eyes, some nice old fire bricks and 2 very ornate bricks which we’ve kept (obviously I have been away from Fee too long when i have feelings for bricks). Had quite a lazy day, really back in the caravan for 18.00hrs. Dad had a bit of a doze and I read The Oban Times. Had to re use the two catch plates and plane the porch door again for the umpteenth time. I swear the door or door frame is growing 1cm/day. In fact it is growing so much I am looking for leaves! Marjorie arrived 1900hrs, looked round house, had a cup of tea and I took her to the B and B. Walked Tess down to the campsite to phone Fee, phone u/s for the third night. I am falling asleep and Tess has got the best place on the bed.

Monday 17th August 1992
We have decided that Claonairigh is Gaelic for “Place of the trench foot” Rainy in morning, sunny afternoon. Midges few but hungry.
Started on last of the safe lintels over lounge doorway when the wagon from Bonawe Sand and Gravel came with 10T sand and 5T gravel which he could only tip in the gateway. 4 hours later we had moved it. Cost £122.70. Marjorie painted windows until 3pm. G and P then replace the lintels 3 type C and 1 type B 1,500m Didn’t get them all reblocked above the lintels as we went to the George with Marjorie, she had salmon and seafood cause, G had steak in pepper sauce (Tess had ¼) and P had steak too.
Tuesday August 18th
Cloudy/sunny Intervals
Midges 7pm onwards
Finished lintels over lounge doorway started on dining room fireplace. Had shower and rang Fee/ Linda at campsite. Saw two lads carrying about a 6lb salmon that they caught this morning.
Wednesday 19th august
Cloudy/sunny Intervals. The wee timorous beasties were out in force pm
Went to Lochgilphead. 3 bags of cement and provisions from the Coop and Harcros. In the afternoon had a delivery from Harcros, 100Ltrs of 5 star, 10bags of cement and two packs of concrete blocks £400.74. Patched up the dining room fireplace. Put warning notices on Mill and boarded doors “There’s trouble at T’Mill” Needs safe lintels repairing quickly.
Thursday 20th August
Changeable Midges 7pm onwards
Finished patch dining room fireplace. Started tiling the porch roof. Fee arrived 7.40pm.

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