Saturday, 15 August 2009


Thats it...that is the entry for today. In fact I shall say it again but louder this time..... ARGHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh

The “Then” blog. For details see entry for March 7th 2009. In brief the restoration of Claonairigh House.
Tuesday 11th August 1992 (Garret)
Sunny Am Rain Pm no midges
Went to Lochgilphead, paid architect, co-op, picked up 20 lintels and ½ ton sand, 2 bags cement, ½ bag dry pebble dash (strong trailer!) fitted mortise lock catch plate, removed lathe and plaster and ceiling around lounge doorway to reveal wooden lintels and mess of back filled walls...looks rather like a Victorian lash up. Gable end resting on 3 foot 2”x4”, load bearing on the 2” section which is woodworm ridden and rotten. Will have to be very delicate to begin with. Burnt last of porch roof. It is nice having Tess here.
Wednesday 11th August (Garret)
Rain, hail, cold, Midges gone South for the summer.
Patched lintel support where pieces of wood removed and voids had been left. Acroed doorway. Mark Page called (forest manager) to say road would be repaired in a couple of weeks and that they were moving the bottom gate.
Thursday 13th August 1992
Nice until 5pm
Nice Full moon
Evening Midges ate Dad while he changed the gas.
Fitted lintels to kitchen/dining room doorway. Fitted three lintels to hall/lounge. Removed lathe and plaster from part of library.
Friday 14th
Sunny and hot until 8pm, light rain. A few midges.
Went to Lochgilphead for four lintels and ¾ ton sand and 3 bags cement. Went to Inveraray for cash from machine and cheese from the Spar. Saw a piece of cloth in inveraray Church that was woven and printed over 200yrs ago in the mill (they call it Clonary) Dad began to open p fireplace in dining room and removed harling off of wall above the doorway (dining/utility hall) put lintel through above wood. Safe lintels to hold wall for tomorrow. Had shower at camp site
Sat 15th august ‘92
Raining all day (clear sky at night) when rain stopped midges started (bastards!)
Replaced lintels over doorway from dining room to utility hall. Diesel genny and petrol cement mixer are well worth their money. Acros have paid for themselves ten-fold already.

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