Sunday, 14 December 2008

Vegetarians avert thy gaze.

A fast and furious night out last night at Brenfield, home of friends one of whom has reached that big 40...I wonder what that feels like. I guess I shall just have to wait a few more years to find out........ The celebrations were held in a barn, with bar and the biggest cooker you have ever seen welded together by the birthday boy and friends,large enough for a whole cow. They know this for sure as they had one in there for a wedding recently but we were more modest with merely three sheep. The burners beneath blazed and kept the ceilidh dancers warm. There is nothing like a good old scottish dance with the kilts swirling, the boots stomping and the pipes skirling away. The bar was busy all night but less busy once the dancing started as you just canny twist and drink. The dancers were far too fast to get many photos of but here is one and the magnificent cooker.

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