Saturday, 13 December 2008

The bestest present!

Today I got a big box in the post addressed to "Fee" with "Merry Christmas, open now" I need no further encouragement...legitimate permission to open a present early and I am there with (christmas) bells on. Inside perfectly wrapped in large amounts of paper was one of the best and most thoughtful Christmas presents I have ever had.....a lovely hand crafted Yorkshire Pork pie. Maybe there is someone somewhere who would not appreciate it but not in this house. There is of course a history behind this as David The Deerstalker had said he would bring me up a pie at Christmas time but has had to cancel the trip(imminent arrival of puppies). I do love them and have never had such a beautuful one! Scotland is great but not good on pork pies.... I had never thought that I would get one made specially for me, my mind was on Ainsleys or a supermarket one so thank you very very much David!

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