Saturday, 11 October 2008

Excuses Excuses on

Shame on long without a post but I do have an excuse or two honest! Firstly we had the sweaty, panicky downward slide to the Triathlon (hence the pictures)coupled with an end of season rush for rooms with some very nice guests indeed. You know who you are......So, back to the triathlon. The day was good with kind weather, just a bit of a breeze on the cycle. I had a better swim than I expected pulled along as I was in the wake of a friend and better swimmer. I hauled myself out for a rather frantic transition to bike losing precious seconds by forgetting to fasten my helmet strap, a big slap on the hands and an ignominious return to the bike racking if you try to set off on the cycle so woefully prepared. The cycle leg was so so 42 minutes with the usual leg crunching start to the run when one's thigh muscles become so disproportionately large and heavy that even a slow crawl along the pavement seems unachievable. Luckily after a km or so of torture it begins to subside and I finished in 34 minutes...oh blessed finish line. So, then we went to Liz's for a little glass or two of bubbly to celebrate and...Toby decided to round the evening off nicely by tripping outside and (we subsequently discovered) tear a tiny artery at the top of the nose. This naughty little blood vessel dominated my life over the next two weeks or so as it continued to bleed at varying degrees for the following week until a humongous eruption on Saturday night which saw us moving late at night from home to Dr's surgery to ambulance to ENT ward in Glasgow at a fast rate of knots. Our heads were reeling but not as much mine was 5 days later after several joyless nights sleeping in a hard chair by his bed. We actually reached discharge twice during the week but had to return.After numerous goes with a rigid scope the eventual cauterization was achieved with a GA. So, 5 days later a paler son (and mother) returned to the bosom of the family in time for Rosie's birthday on Friday.
We have now had several discussions on what not to say to complete strangers i.e "my mother was born in 1950" to the porter on the way to theatre and "do you know what you are doing" or words to that effect to the consultant surgeon just before theatre and (worst of all) "hospital food is really good". I hope I am forgiven for my absence.


Rainer said...

Dear Fee,

there´s no need for excuses.
What can be more important than a mother caring for her child?
Thanks Toby is well again. That is most important.

Best wishes and love to all
Rainer and Lilo

G.S. said...

Hi Fee, What, born in 1950 and doing a triathalon?!! That's amazing, good for you! I was born in '49 and consider it a workout if I have to go upstairs. Our own NYC marathon will be run here in a couple of weeks. Every year inevitably I will get a passenger who has just finished it and then gets in my cab for a ten-block ride to his hotel. Run 26 miles? Sure. Walk to my hotel? Why do that??

Fee said...

We have friends and acquaintances taking part in the NY marathon...will never make that I fear. PS NOT born in 1950 but 15 years later so imagine my delight in Toby's revelations!