Thursday, 23 October 2008

Back to running

All quiet on the B and B front this week so I am a lady who lunches today with my friend Lyndsay...always good food at her gaff.Nice to have time to relax if only I could stave off the guilty demons that lurk around me at this time of year. I can justify the downtime in my head but somehow the message stays in there mired in a pit of anguish.
Attending jogscotland last night turned out to better than expected as we set of in a splatter of rain and hailstones combined with a pitch black night. The aforementioned guilt kicks into touch here in a positive way at the thought letting others down, being a wimp at not turning up, setting a bad example and worse of all the fear of others getting a rung higher on the training ladder as no way was last night a good night for training...or was it? The rain cleared just before Lochgilphead and jackets and gloves shed on the 10k run down Loch Fyne through Ardrisaig. Roughly 53 minutes...okay for a stiff under exercised Momma.

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