Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Ski Diary

Who says there's no snow! Plenty of the stuff around at Glencoe yesterday. In the parlance of the ski trade..
Icy to start and softening later
. I was forced to go it alone as I was big and brave and did not book a lesson for the first time, at some point I have to stop paying Ryan to escort me down the scary bits. After a few gos down the speedy Plateau I hovered around for a while hoping to catch Garret as he whizzed past but there was no sign as he was off chasing snowboarders on the higher slopes. I had to grab up my courage with both hands and go solo.....again and again. It was great! Sometimes we managed to connect (not literally) at various points on the run as Garret whisked by shouting encouragement chinking as he went. The day was gorgeous again and the runs quiet and in the main peaceful. Very good for nervous beginner (I never did believe the intermediate label...beginner is engraved on my ski pants if not my heart). The only mishap of the day was being hoist aloft on the arm of the chair lift by a part of my anatomy that was never intended to be caught on a metal rail and dangled...well, not outside of a certain type of establishment that is. However all is well despite a wee bit of tenderness when riding Lewis today.

Picture One Mugs run for the day
Picture Two Garret on chairlift
Picture Three Plateau Poma

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