Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Glorious weather…

But it is melting all the snow!!! Finally we returned to Glencoe after several abortive attempts including one drive up there to be turned away by high winds to find the snow cover much reduced but still ski-able…if only we could get rid of every one else determined to enjoy it too. Garret played on the plateau briefly then took off to the slightly higher routes, he probably would have gone higher onto the aforementioned terror run but ice was stopping play. I had an hours lesson with my lovely, patient instructor which turned into nearly 2 hrs of great fun. We made it down Mugs Alley twice with several falls, obviously by me and no leg clinging at all. One spectacular fall was executed in front of a crowd waiting to get on the chair lift as I careered down the hill and skied up onto some rocks falling neatly with a crash…thankfully the cellulite absorbed most of the impact and I was up and off again with great decorum only to be knocked off the chair lift by an unopened bar in front of the same admiring crowd…hey ho. My hat was knocked all skewy too along with any shreds of dignity that I had managed to maintain. The absolutely best bit though was being recognised by all the staff after my….um…difficulties last time and given the thumbs up by everyone on the lifts etc for having another go, oh and the hug from Ryan on making it down Mugs Alley still smiling. The muscles are all intact after 5 hrs in all on the slopes and even managed a run and swim today with Lizzie. The day really is fantastic, and set to continue for ½ term too.Poor Garret beavering away at Ardfern to pay for tomorrow. More of that later.

PS Photo courtesy of Howard and Myrna who did a fly past which happened to be during the ten minutes when we had stopped for coffee.

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