Friday, 30 August 2013

End of the Summer is beckoning but life is still gooooood

Well...autumn is approaching in Argyll but it is nonetheless still beautiful with the leaves starting to change and the air a little cooler. The garden produce is coming to an end and I am frantically searching for every beetroot recipe every invented. This also involves disguising the fact that there is actually beetroot in said food as 3/5th of the Corner incumbents are not took keen on the red rooted vegetable.

Below are last nights guests just leaving...they came in some style all the way from Yorkshire. We had to confine the dogs to quarters as they left being unsure about the wisdom of motor bike herding.

The training is still on go-ahead mode with a rash attempt being made to combine sprint triathlon training (September 29th) with 1/2 marathon training (6th October) which meant a lot of hard work with pretty coloured pens a couple of months ago and some not inconsiderable combining of Brick sessions ( Bike-Run (Triathlon)) with Interval sessions (fast/ recovery running (1/2)). I could get very confused if I wanted to! Luckily jogscotland are very accommodating at going along with my crazy schemes for out and about training...I was so excited to find these steps hidden away.

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