Sunday, 27 January 2013


Whilst other parts of the country are languishing under blankets of snow or sudden sheets of flood water Argyll remains resolutely green despite the desperate yearnings of many,many schoolchildren who see luckier comrade having snow days galore. The nights are still long and dark but not as long and dark, the rain is still splattering down ( but then again when isn't it?) but the brave little snowdrop pops its head up anyway. At present the rain is more than splattering as I sit in my car waiting for Rosie who is at a friends house in Lochgilphead. The iPad is the waiting parents friend providing much entertainment but much frustration when it refuses to communicate with the world beyond the car through the available Vodafone signal. However as a time to catch up on things left undone it is, iPad... If only I could get a takeaway coffee at twenty past six on a Sunday night......

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