Thursday, 22 November 2012

Rites of Passage

The milestone markers are whizzing past now with Toby achieving his long awaited ambition of being able to legally buy alcohol...never mind that nonsense about being able to vote etc...We are settling into winter life here with less B and Bers and more time but somehow the latter still streams away from me in an orderly but accelerating fashion. Garret is working in Aberdeen at present which is odd after being together most of the time for that last twenty or so years but the thought of some money coming in does help to level the balance of negative versus positive...Another weekend at Centre parcs in Cumbria has helped to create some more good memories of badminton, the dreaded flumes, squash and Kir Royales. Back home the battle of the broadband is still on with a switch to BT making no difference whatsoever and an inability to access anything on the old system is my addresses as I was too stupid to realise that the two accounts wouldn't overlap. Time out yesterday from all things electronic to ride the beloved Lewis along a beautiful Loch Fyne..good for the sole and the back muscles.

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