Sunday, 9 November 2008

Catch up

The weeks are just flying by faster than in the summer now I have time to have fun again. We are keeping the wolf from the door (well, almost, see previous post) with a few loyal guests. Howard and Myrna were back last week as the winter horse season is here again, then Paul and David, the two deerstalkers, came and wrecked the weather for us at the back end. David especially seems to have the Rain God curse upon him...mind you they left this morning and the hail and rain just keeps on coming. Exercise wise I have been managing a bit although not as much as I should like. The Tin farm 5 on Sunday was a great day with some off road bits added onto the course from last year just to (literally) in some places trip you up. Liz and I ran together for the first bit until we were separated by an obstinate Campbeltown runner (got her on the downhill but alas too late) who would not let me past her on the wooded single track bits.So, my running partner finally beat me by 5s (she says 6 but that is just gross exaggeration). Apart from that I have cycled once in the hut but that did not last long as the radio would not work and it is soooooo boring. Once tea is mentally planned the tedium starts to eat away your brain cells bit by bit. Later in the week I did a couple of runs mindful of men stalking and scaring the deer away, or could I have been scaring them towards them?...who knows. Either way neither me nor the dogs were shot so that is a good thing. I think. All that can be said about my performance is that the hilly bits were hilly and the downward bits strangely short. Need to get my puff back as there is a suggested ladies only (T and G thrilled about this blatant sexism) run along part of the Highland Way in December. 7 miles then lunch then 7 miles waddle back. Just wondering where she will find enough flat bits...... It is being organized by Dinah who did the Ultra Marathon along the WHW last year 53 miles! Now that is proper running.

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