Sunday, 7 September 2008

Saturday 6th September. The Dalmally show

At the tag end of the highland Games season the agricultural shows start. Where the Highland Games are Scottish to the core the agricultural show is British through and through reveling in a farming heritage that, despite the pressures and demands of the modern world still has grown men leaning on crooks and extolling the virtues of one beast be it bull or bantam against another. They are so timeless with their tents full of exhibits hoping to make that red rosette with the beautifully skilled being admired alongside the eternally hopeful. The weather was perfect for The Dalmally show this year and with no threat of Foot and Mouth etc to daunt it. We duly admired the Champion Bull, the chickens and ducks (we gravely discussed how one of our ducks would have beaten them all) and entered the dogs in the dog show. This is a rural delight so seriously taken by all from judges through competitors and audience. Goodness only knows what the former were looking for, and Lucy did not think much of this kind of walk...first you are brushed and titivated and them you go for a walk on a lead round and round in a big circle. They did get to have a go on the dog demonstration set up where they jump over wee hurdles and then catch a ball AKA Crufts and then run back. They showed more willingness than skill and entertained the audience...who wants to watch a flawless performance anyway. The duck race in the river did not fail in entertainment value either as the little bobbling ducks helped by the wind declined to bob in the direction of the winning net stretched across the river. Enter stage right children and dogs to swoosh them on their way with great humour and patience. After that a candy floss eating competition i.e get it down you fast before you get in my car.....Once mixed with the still clinging mud from last week end and we may never get the seats clean.

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